Frequently Asked Questions

SEE PHOTOS as pronounced in English.

SEE PHOTOS, let people see your photos.


Now days, cameras have been becoming better and cheaper by the day. Millions of have become visual artists who are able to amazingly capture emotional and captivating moments and situations, and turn them into high quality beautiful images.

At the same time, many millions of people, including ourselves, became familiar with the “Opps moment!! There's no enough memory on your device”.

People delete millions of wonderful photos every day just because they want to clear space in the memory.

Gosh... Why delete a great photo that people would love to see? Why you kill the emotion and special moment behind it?

Instead, we thought... Share it! Donate it! Allow somebody else to use it and spread for you in the world.

Photos are not dead digital components


We are these three in one.

We are a 3 DIMENSION Media Platform:

  • First Dimension (Social Media Platform): you can search and find companies, photographers, artists or other users. You can click “like”, “follow” and “add a comment” on their contents,
  • Second Dimension (business portal): find companies, photographers, and artists, and interact with them about their prices, products and services.
  • Third Dimension (High quality photo stock): with cFotos, you can search, find and download high quality images then use them for commercial, educational, marketing purposes and much more.


You do not have to be a professional photographers.

Any person can be a media master on cFotos.net, if he/she:

  • has a free account on cFotos.net
  • has a quality camera pr phone to capture interesting and quality photos,
  • has a good artistic taste,
  • has uploaded at least 100 approved high quality images to his or her Media Profile,
  • owns or has the right to upload, publish, use and share those uploaded photos,
  • and agrees that those uploaded photos can be used by others.


It's like your media center. You will have your own unique cFotos URL. You can share and spread it to market your business, services, and social activities.

There, you will have multiple sections:

  • “Photos” section: this is where people can see a list of your uploaded photos,
  • “My Albums\" section: group of photos you uploaded that share a common
  • experience, location, description or goal,

    Examples of album ideas:

    • Our Summer Collection for Women's Fashion,
    • My Wedding in 2021,
    • Graduation Day 2016
    • My photoshoot in Dubai 2019
    • Our Restaurant Menu

  • “I Follow” section: a list of users you choose to follow their media profiles,
  • “Following me\" section: a list of other users that follow your Media Profile,
  • “I Like” section: here you see a list photos uploaded by others, and you click “like” button for each of them,
  • “My Special Collections ” section: interesting photos, submitted by other users, that you collected and decided to display on your Media Profile under specific topic or special Collection's Title.”
  • “My Bookmarks” section: photos you pinned from your search results so you can view them later,
  • “My Products and Services\": a list of your photos of products you sell or service you offer to allow potential customers know about,

    Example, a restaurant can display its menu and price list under this section.

  • “Linked to Me\": a list of photos, uploaded by other users and linked to you because those users believe the photo was taken with you or you both share the same experience about about it,

    For example, a family took a family pictures, and linked each family to the same picture, Another example, a customer took a picture at a restaurant, then linked it with the restaurant because of the shared location of the pictures.


Please visit “Upload” page.


Please visit “My Uploaded Photos” page.


Please visit “My User dashboard” page. Notice there the sidebar on the left hand side. You will see more tabs to manage your media.


A. Photos on your “Media Profile\" must be:

  • Reusable by general public: You grant the right to other users to use photos on your Media Profile for commercial, educational or marketing purposes,
  • High pixel quality and larger sizes,
  • Artistic, beautiful and Impressive,
  • Taken by good phones and cameras, with proper light and contrast settings,
  • Clear subject: not messy or crowded elements,
  • No private: only photos that made to be viewed and used by other people.

B. Photos you attach to your feedback and comments are not required to follow these standards. They can be viewed by other people, but without any permission to use those photos for commercial, educational, or marketing purposes or other types of public uses.


Please visit “Account Settings” page,


  • Login into your account,
  • Visit your “My Uploaded Photos” page,
  • Select the photo that you want to add a product or service price to,
  • On the top of the table, click “Product or Service” tab and the price,


On “Upload” page.


Yes, on “Upload” page you can select the option to sell a photo.


Go to “My User Dashboard” page, on the left hand side, the sidebar.


No. We are a neutral Media Platform, you remain the owner of your photos. You decide the terms how people download and use your high quality photos.