Photo Donation Story

Photo Donation! How did it start with the opps moment?

Our story started with a simple reaction to a friend who saw on her screen “Opps moment, there's no enough memory for more photos”.

Everyday, millions of people experience this unpleasant moment of being forced to delete wonderful images only to clear memory on their devices.

By clicking the “delete” button, we simply terminate our priceless personal special memories to “obtain” cheap empty digital memory.

Millions of deleted images and photos are often great photo art that is emotionally engaging, visually impressive, captivating, unique, and store important unreplaceable moments of our life.

We told our friend, and now we tell you: “Gosh... Don't delete it? Donate it. Let people see it.”
Some of your photos should survive the “delete” button. Make them a useful shared experience between you and people who love your photos.

Your high quality photos would look great when people see them on a college blackboard, a lesson material, a store poster, flyer, business cards, newspaper cover, article, a website blog, a T Shirt or anything useful to others.

Join us... Tell People... “See My Photos”...