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Let people “See your photos"... On a market through photos.

Images are powerful way to advertise your products and services.

1. Is a social media platform, a business portal or photo stock company?

It's all of these. is a 3 Dimension Media Platform.

  • First Dimension (Social Media Platform): People can click “like”, “follow” “share" and “add a comment” on your contents,
  • Second Dimension (business portal): “My Products and Services" page is your online store.
  • There, you can advertise and inform customers about your products and services, while seeing your high quality photos of those products or services,
  • Third Dimension (high quality photo stock): with cFotos, you can search, find and download high quality photos to use them for commercial, educational, marketing purposes and much more.

2. What are the benefits of for my business?

  • 100 % Free Online Store: you have a special online page to advertise for your products and services.

            It's a great feature that other social media websites do not provide you.

            While people see and communicate about your quality Media, they can see ads about your products and services.

  • 100% free Direct Team Support:

          Our team communicates with you directly, so we understand your business products, services and goals to help you make your Media Profile and online store useful and look great. Simply, because we want to provide                  great experience to you and your customers,

          On other social media websites, you have to pay for consultation, or you have to hire someone to do it.

  • Focus on your Local Community:

           Your contents, on other social media platforms are viewed randomly without a concern about your direct market... A  restaurant from Los Angeles is viewed by visitors from Paris!!!

           With us, we pay attention to your local community first to make you more visible and closer to people near your location.

           If your business is in London, then we display your products and services to Londoners first, then other cities and countries.

  • Easy, fast and simple: if you know how to share Media files on WhatsApp, then you can create and manage your Media Profile on cFotos in minutes.

3. Do I need to hire someone to manage My Media Profile, like other social media sites?

No. If you know how to use a smartphone and share media on WhatsApp and Gmail, then you can effectively use

4. How much time do I need to set up My Media Profile on

  • 2 minutes to create and verify your free cFotos Account,
  • 3 minutes to upload images, depends on your internet speed, and number of photos,
  • A few minutes to choose the best description and search keywords thay are connected to your images.

5. How to spread my Media Profile link to people?

Write on your social media pages, WhatsApp status, bills, business Cards, store posters, flyers, on the bottom of emails, etc,

6. What kind of photos can I upload to My Media Profile?

Upload high quality none private photos that you own and you want to allow people to download and use.

7. Can I upload the same photos that I already uploaded on other social media platforms?

Yes. We don't ask for exclusive photos.

8. Does become the owner of my photos on My Media Profile?

No. You are the owner of your photos. cFotos is only a platform to display and share quality media.

9. I already use other social media profiles, why should I use

Each marketing tool is useful to reach different audience.

Successful companies don't limit their marketing to spacific tools, but they use more options to reach more customers.

10. What is My Media Profile link? username

So make sure to choose a nice and easy to remember username related to your business.

11. Do I need to create a different (a business account)?

No. Your user account allows you to do all what you need to advertise your products and services.

Unlike other websites, we don't require different type of accounts for business.

12. Where can I add my business information?

Go to Account Settings, and add your business info such as a business name, address, public phone number, public Whatsapp number, public email address and business type.

13. Where can I know the upload requirements about my upload daily limit, minimum width, minimum hight, maximum file size, etc?

On “Upload” page.

14. Can I sell my photos on

Yes, on “Upload" page you can select the option to sell a photo.

15. Where can I view statistics about my wallet, my sales, purchases, balance, withdrawals, payment methods?

Go to “My User Dashboard” page, on the left hand side, the sidebar.

16. Does cFotos buy Media from the’s users?

No. We are a neutral Media Platform, you remain the owner of your photos. You decide the terms how people download and use your high quality photos.