Important Pages

1- “Account Settings" page:

Modify information about you, change password, add company's contact info and addresses, by visiting your “Account Settings” page.

2- User Dashboard page:

User Dashboard is the place to view statistics about your media performance. There, on the left hand sidebar, you find tabs of other activities such as “My Sale", “My Purchases”, “My Balance”, “My Withdrawals”, “Payout Method" and much more.

3- Upload Page: here you can upload your high quality images that you other people to see and use,

4- Image Detail page: click on any image to visit its url.

There you have:
  • “Download” button to download the photo to your device,
  • “Like” icon
  • “Add to Album": (only for photos uploaded by other media masters): to group multiple photos you uploaded to be under one “Album Title”,
  • “COLLECT” (only for photos uploaded by other media masters): interesting photos belong to other Media Masters under the same “ Special Collection's Title;
For example, you can create “Wedding Day" as a “ Special Collection’sTitle”, and collect interesting wedding photos from various Media Masters,
  • “Add a comment" to add a comment about a photo,
  • Read comments written by other users,
  • “Link to another Media Profile": for a photo you own with other Media Masters or you share the same experience, you can invite the other media masters to display it on their Media Profiles.
In a birthday party, you took a photo with your sister and your best friend. Then you can link it to the their Media Profiles, because they also appear on the same photo.
Notice that the other Media Master can approve or disapprove linking the photo on the other Media Profile.
  • “My Bookmarks” section: to pin some photos from your search results so you can view them later,
5- “My Uploaded Photo" page:
On this page, you can:
  • Add a price of a product or service related to your photos.
  • Edit photo keywords and descriptions,

6- My Media Profile:
It's like your media center. You will have your own unique cFotos URL. You can share and spread it to market your business, services, and social activities.
On your media profile, you will have multiple sections:
  • “Photos” section: this is where people can see a list of your uploaded photos,
  • “My Albums" section: group of photos you uploaded that share a common experience, location, description or goal,
 Examples of album ideas:
  • Our Summer Collection for Women's Fashion,
  • My Wedding in 2021,
  • Graduation Day 2016
  • My photoshoot in Dubai 2019
  • Our Restaurant Menu
  • “I Follow” section: a list of users you choose to follow their media profiles,
  • “Following me" section: a list of other users that follow your Media Profile,
  • “I Like” section: here you see a list photos uploaded by others, and you click “like” button for each of them,
  • “My Special Collections ” section: interesting photos, submitted by other users, that you collected and decided to display on your Media Profile under specific topic or collection's title.
You collect and group interesting photos under a spacific name for each group.
  • “My Bookmarks” section: photos you pinned from your search results so you can view them later,
  • “My Products and Services": a list of your photos of products you sell or service you offer to allow potential customers know about,
 Example, a restaurant can display its menu and price list under this section.
  • “Linked to Me": a list of photos, uploaded by other users and linked to you because those users believe the photo was taken with you or you both share the same experience about about it,
For example, a family took a picture together, and linked each family member to the same picture,
Another example, a customer took a picture at a restaurant, then linked it with the restaurant because of the shared location of the picture.